Monday, April 16, 2007

Reflections on the birth of a Son.

After the birth of our second son and third child in the early hours of Thursday morning, I have been struck afresh by many things about life.

1. Life is fragile.

Watching a baby seconds after his birth struggling for breath and wondering, praying that he will not stop. Seeing his tiny chest beating 150 beats per minute. Our physical life is desperately fragile. We are indeed like flowers.
2. Life is precious.
There was obviously no inrinsic change in value in our son the moment his life became outside the womb rather than inside. But seeing him, touching him, holding him, smelling him, hearing him brings home the extraodianry value that a human being has.
3. Life is either well spent or wasted.
Human life is precious ultimately because of the precious Lord whom we are called to image. My son is called to live his life displaying the character of God for the glory of God.
Looking down at my little son, not knowing how long his life will be, or how he will use that time, makes me deeply aware of the fact that he might spend his life well, or badly. He might spend his life honouring the Lord, or honouring idols. He has his whole life ahead of him. I pray it will be a life well spent.
4. Life is eternal.
Thinking of my son's age in seconds, then minutes, then hours, and now days helps impress upon me the eternal significance of this life. Though his physicla life here is fleeting, he has an eternal soul. It has one of only two destinies. My son will spend either an eternity praising the Lord Jesus for his goodness and mercy, or an eternity shut out from his presence. The name we have chosen for our son indicates that he belongs to the Lord, and he will in the end be judged by God alone. May he life his life before him and for him!


thebluefish said...

Your angle and linking to this would be good to see:

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Liam Garvie said...

Congratulations Mike!