Friday, August 31, 2007

The opportunities of evangelism on campus

With students returning to DC I am reminded once again of the unique opportunity that college life provides for evangelism.

College is perhaps one of the most unique opportunities for evangelism that you will have in your life. There will not be another time where you will likely be living, working, relaxing, exercising, eating, thinking and socializing with one group of people. This means that there will never be another group of Non-Christians who will be able to observe your life at such close quarters, and with whom you will have such incredible opportunities for multiple conversations about the gospel.What’s more, there is never a time when people are so self-consciously forming opinions about the world and their place in it as when they are students. What an incredible God-given opportunity!

In the coming days & weeks I intend to post several thoughts on the particular opportunities and challenges to evangelism on campus.


Carlos said...

I totally agree with that thought of college being this unique place and time in our lives! My question to you which you may get to in your future posts is: How does the Church reach out to the campus?? What are your thoughts on college ministries in the body?? Movements such as Passion, and New Attitude?? How do college ministries in a church seek to not become a church within a church??

Sorry to bombard you with all these questions, but I am on staff at my Church and leading the college gathering and our elders have been asking me these questions?? and since I am not that smart, I want to ask others way smarter than myself the same questions.

Any insight would be great!


Mike Gilbart-Smith said...

Hi Carlos,

If you look at the links for "models of College ministry" on previous posts I've written something on this.

Let me know if it's helpful,


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Mike Gilbart-Smith said...


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