Wednesday, June 3, 2009

cartoon as a medium for apologetics

Perhaps you may be wondering why I've branched into cartoons for my last couple of posts.
Is it because I've discovered a great artistic ability that had long laid dormant? (no, I discovered a website that will provide the drawings for me!)
But, more importantly I've come to the conclusion that strip cartoons are an excellent medium for presuppositional apologetics.
1) The best cartoons make people think, until they have worked out the irony of the situation. One of the hardest obstacles to the apologist is the fact that in an apologetic conversation people are coming up with their replies to the point being made before they have time to think about the point itself. The cartoon forces them to take that time.
2) The medium gets people off the defensive.
3) Cartoons are an excellent medium for demonstrating the untenability and laughability of a particular position in a way that is disarming.

There are some positives. What do you think the dangers are?

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