Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sad, and very sad...

"We come together in this place where… he brought joy as only he could."
"Though our hearts are aching we need to look up where he is..."
“I love [him] and I want to thank him so much for blessing me and every single individual on this earth…”
“He is going to live forever and ever and ever and ever."

Sadly, none of these quotes were intended to refer to the Lord Jesus, but to another very lost self-declared king.

Even as the coffin containing his corpse came in and the choir began,

“Soon and very soon we are going to see the king”

It was clear from the screams of fans in the congregation that they knew that the king they were hoping to see soon and very soon was the one whose body was being carried in that that moment.

Al Mohler put it well: " Where the Gospel of Christ is absent or eclipsed, this is all that is left. The messianism of Michael J. will just transfer to a new object."


Anonymous said...

did you ever pray and have compassion for michael jackson when he was alive?

how do you know his heart and that he was a lost soul? Are you judging him?

Mike Gilbart-Smith said...

Thanks anonymous for your comment.
I certainly am not in the place to judge him or know his heart.
I was merely expressing sadness that the hymn about the certain hope that Christians have that they will soon see the Lord seemed to be reinterpreted into a song about an entirely different king. If Michael Jackson, the 'king' has replaced Jesus the king as people's focus of hope, then it is indeed sad, and very sad.