Thursday, October 21, 2010

First two preachers' classes outlined

Here are the outlines of the first two preachers' classes. The first is pretty much 9Marks material.

Session 1: What is expository preaching

  1.  Introduction to the Class
  • What is the format of the class?
    • Reading a sermon from a well-known preacher
    • Seminar
    • Workshop
  • Why have the class?
    • What is preaching?
    • Why is preaching so important?
    • What’s missing from much preaching?
2. Defining Expositional Preaching

"An expositional sermon is a sermon in which the point of the Scriptural text is the point of the sermon applied to the life of the church today."

3. What expositional Preaching includes
  • The Bible
    • Books of the Bible
    • The Whole Bible
    • Testaments and Genres.
    • Scope.
  • The Bible’s Storyline
  • The Gospel
    • God
    • Man
    • Christ
    • Response
    • Seeing the Gospel through the lens of the text and the text through the lens of the gospel
  • Systematic Theology
  • Worldviews
  • Evangelism
  • The Preparation of the Saints

Session 2: Why Expository Preaching?

Intro: The alternatives seem so appealing!
  • There are basic truths that need teaching
    • Better to have Doctrinal sermons?
    • May seem to “teach the whole counsel of God” more quickly and thoroughly
  • There are obvious issues that need addressing
    • Better to have Topical sermons?
    • May seem more obviously relevant to people
    • May seem to deal with issues in the church quicker
  • The difference between food and medicine
    • Expository preaching tends towards a balanced diet; doctrinal / topical preaching may have quicker effects, and is therefore sometimes useful, but provide a bad overall diet.
Five reasons to make expository preaching the main diet of a congregation.
A. Expository preaching preaches the whole bible
  • 2 Tim 3:16-17
  • Acts 20:17-31
B. Expository Preaching understands the limits of the preacher
  • Preachers are ignorant, God is omniscient
  • Preachers are foolish, God is wise
  • Preachers are sinful, God is perfect
  • Preachers are under authority, the bible carries God’s authority
C. Expository preaching encourages Berean listening
  • Acts 17:10-12
D. Expository Preaching models faithful bible reading.
  • We read the bible
    • To understand it
    • To have it ask us questions as much as we ask it questions Job 38:1-3
E. Expository Preaching keeps the church healthy
  • the testimony of church history

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