Sunday, February 13, 2011

The uncontested ruler

I think this will be the conclusion to this morning's sermon on Matthew 6:19-24

There are celebrations in Cairo this weekend as President Mubarak has stepped down.
But we have to admit that it is unclear as yet whether whoever follows him will be any better.
One day there will be an uncontested ruler.
There will be no more protests against his rule, not because the citizens of the kingdom have no freedom, but because we will all be able to see perfectly; we will see perfectly that he is the perfect ruler; that he is the one in whom we find our purpose. That he is the one for whom we were made. That he is the one who alone is of infinite and lasting value. That he may for ever be our treasure.
Do you treasure Him?
Do you see everything in His shaddow?
Is He your master?

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