Friday, March 18, 2011

Understanding Twynholm's Mission Field I: Rest

I have tried to encourage the congregation at Twynholm to see our natural mission field in 3 different spheres, based on that memorable 80's advertising slogan.

Work: those who work in the vicinity of our church, or with whom we work
Rest: those who live near us or near the church
Play: those we socialise with, or who 'go out' in the vicinity of our church.

On the "Rest" section, I've been encouraging the congregation to understand who lives in the area.
It is an excitingly diverse mission field in itself.

Here's the profiles of the two 'wards' right on the doorstep of the church building, and nobody living within these wards would be more than about 10 minutes walk away

The four next closest are:

Each of them would have at least some people living 5-10 minutes walk away.

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