Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Drought or Deluge and a gospel of love

On Sunday morning, as I was welcoming people to church, it was tipping it down with rain, and a number 295 bus passed by with the words "we are in drought" emblazoned on the side of the bus. I'd wished I'd had a camera with me. The same irony has been caught by others.
I couldn't help but allow the irony enter the morning's sermon.  We were thinking about evangelism and the local church: when we seek to share the gospel and yet do not love one another within the church, there becomes a disconnect between the message we are seeking to share of the transforming love of Christ, and the lack of evidence within the community transformed by that love.
When brotherly love and a commitment to evangelism come together, the gospel we are sharing is made evident by the love that it has produced.
HT: Randomly London

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