Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Evangelistic and Apologetic Websites

Chris Watson Lee has a good series of links to evangelistic websites

He writes...

There are loads of faithful gospel explanations on the internet, although I’d imagine there are many that aren’t. Here are some links to what I hope are Biblical gospel outlines. Do check back, as I might be updating this page every now and then…
Matthias Media, Two Ways To Live
Desiring God, Quest for Joy
Grace to You, Who do you think that I am?
John Blanchard, Ultimate Questions
UCCF, The Message of Life
Ligonier Ministries, What is the Gospel?
Joshua Harris, The Room, (an illustration).

Got questions? Want to find out more? Why not (discerningly) visit: by UCCF click here by Sydney Anglicans click here
Tell Me More by Roger Carswell click here click here
Anyone know of other good sites?

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Anonymous said...

A friend of mine came up with this 'gospel outline' in an attempt to prioritise God's glory within an outline and to run through the Bible story in relation to this. What do you think?