Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More evangelistic websites is an outreach to drug users in London. Written in Ali-G style English, there are testimonies of those who have turned from a life of drugs to a life of following Jesus. Sadly the gospel doesn't come across clearly. is a small site (which has the advantage of addressing a few key apologetic questions) Sadly it seems not to take the opportunity to share the gospel as it goes through the evidence for the resurrection and the reliability of the bible etc. is a good course to use with Non-Christians is a great course, which I have found useful. It is basically an expansion of 2 ways 2 live . is from the Billy Graham association. It present the 'bridge' outline of the gospel. It has a slightly bizarre invitation to pray with Billy Graham online! is the well known Alpha Course. While I have some reservations about the course, I love the video that my friend Al Duckworth has done to advertise it! (the picture above right is a snapshot from the video) is perhaps the most well-known creationist site out there. It is very professional, but I have many reservations with the wisdom of this as an apologetic approach. is a huge site for apologetics with Muslims. the gospel comes through clearly in several places, and less clearly in others.

Please keep letting me know of other evangelistic / apologetic sites. I hope to have some posts soon reviewing the different sites that I list.