Monday, September 10, 2007

I guess you've noticed this already....

I guess if you read enough blogs to get far enough down the list to read mine, then you already know that Sovereign Grace now has ALL their MP3 downloads for free.

These include talks by Dever, Mark Duncan, Ligon Grudem, Wayne Harris, Joshua Harvey, Dave Kauflin, Bob MacArthur, John Mahaney, Carolyn Mahaney, C.J. McCulley, Carolyn Mohler, Albert Piper, John Powlison, David Purswell, Jeff Ramsden, Michael Sande, Ken Sproul, R.C. Taylor, Justin Ware, Bruce

I've particularly enjoyed Mike Bullmore's message Things I learned about preaching from 15 years of having taught it

Comment on those you've found most helpful!

HT Colin Adams, Bob Kauflin

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