Thursday, February 12, 2009

All equal, but some are more equal than others....

The last few days have seen an incredible number of news stories that look to me like religious persecution in the guise of religious tolerance. I fear this will not get any better in the coming days...

A nurse lost her job (and due to the public outcry has had it reinstated) for offering to pray with a patient.

A mother who works in a primary school faces possible discipline because her five year old daughter was told not to talk about Jesus in class, and she sent a private email to friends asking for prayer.

A foster parent
who was fostering a 16 year old Muslim girl had her and their other foster children removed from their care when she became a Christian and got baptised. She has been struck off the list after 10 years of fostering over 80 children.

A headteacher resigns after a row erupts with parents when she tries to stop separate Muslim assemblies in her school.

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