Friday, February 27, 2009

Great Counselling Resources

CCEF (The Christian Counselling and Education Foundation) is an extremely helpful ministry trying to encourage gospel-centered biblical counselling. With David Powlison, Ed Welch, Timothy Lane on faculty and both Tedd Tripp and Paul David Tripp having close associations with the ministry, some of the best thinkers and writers in counselling are involved there.

Here are some of the great resources they put out.

1. Brief introductory booklets on many different pastoral issues (at the moment 45 and counting). These are SO helful for:
  • giving someone struggling with an issue something brief to read, particularly those for whom a whole book might be too daunting.
  • having something brief to read as a pastor before a counselling session with someone struggling with a particular issue.
2. The Journal of Biblical Counselling3. Other books

4. Online and onsight training

5. Podcast with great interviews.

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Daniel Roe said...

Do you know that the Journal of Biblical Counselling isn't taking new suscribers (and hasn't been for the past few years)? I would love to subscribe but have been balked!