Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Incredible Hospitality

Whatever I think of the eschatology of the conference here, one thing is clear. The conference is perhaps the most extraordinary example of generous, kind, gracious, hospitality I have ever observes or experienced being given to so many people at once. 3000 pastors here, and I have not heard anything but a patient, kind, helpful word from any of the stewards.

On arrival we were given some very generous gifts; the food is 'awesome'. It is a huge undertaking, even for a megachurch to put on such a conference. It is the 34th time they have done it. I am hugely grateful and mightily impressed and humbled.


Paul said...

My good fundie friend, Paleoevangelical, tipped me off to your musings; I am glad to see you have joined the blogosphere! A bloody good addition I must say.

So J-Mac did not convince you to be Pre-Mil? I am both shocked, and crushed.

Enjoy the rest of the conference.

Bobby said...

Mike, thanks for sharing your reflections on the conference. Just so my cards are on the table:

I am a member at Grace Community Church yet am a fairly convinced amillenialist! (don't tell anyone)

That said, I just wanted to ask you what Mark Dever's position on the issue seems like the CHBC statement of faith only leaves room for amil but I had heard that he was "historic pre-mil". Inquiring minds want to know.

Travis said...

I look forward to reading your posts. I only wish I was in SoCal myself.

Mike Gilbart-Smith said...

Well, Bobby, You'd have to ask Mark about his own personal position. I'm not sure I've heard him speak publically on it and I think he'd prefer not to be labelled. (Listen to his sermons and you will see that he doesn't think it is the main point, even of Daniel 7-12.)
Our statement of faith certainly allows for diversity on the millenium, and I'm glad it does!
Thank you for all that your church do to so excellently host this conference.

Travis said...

Jason Robertson of FIDE-O has listed Mark Dever as an amillennialist in his post A Quick Look at Amillennialism.