Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Shepherd's Conference 2007

I landed in LA yesterday with a group of a dozen of us fro CHBC, to join 3000 pastors for the Shepherd's Conference. I'm now sitting in Grace Community church enjoying the music of the extraordinarily talented brass band that is playing. It does feel rather like I'm attending the last night of the proms. There is a 200? strong male voice choir. It feels like a vast Salvation army Convention, though the uniform of choice is black suits and white shirts, rather than the more military attire of the Sally Army!

I'm not going to blog on the sessions of the conference - I shall leave that to the real bloggers out there, but do intend to make a few cultural comments of the observations of a Brit visiting a Fundamentalistish California Mega-Church conference.
As I write now the big man himself, John MacArthur is welcoming us and introducing the conference. I shall sign off, and enjoy!

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