Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gospel Growth vs. Church Growth (almost) live blogging

Noah Braymen, intern at CHBC is blogging on every session of the Gospel Growth vs. Church Growth conference, meaning that I don't have to!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gospel Growth vs. Church Growth Conference

This evening is the beginning of the Gospel growth vs. Church growth conference here at Capitol Hill Baptist Church

We have in store a great conference - I hope that one of the lasting results of it will be to introduce a group of 250 pastors, largely from the US to the ministry of Philip Jensen, Tony Payne & Matthias Media.

Here's what we are up to....

7:00Session 1—The Beginnings of Gospel Growth (Tony Payne)
7:50Session 2—Church Growth Paralysis (Phillip Jensen)


9:00Session 1—Evangelism: What it is and what it isn't (Mark Dever)
10:30Session 2—A Fresh Understanding of Church (Phillip Jensen)
2:00Session 3—A Fresh Understanding of Gospel Growth (Phillip Jensen)
3:30Session 4—Resources for Gospel Growth (Tony Payne)
7:00Session 5—Bible exposition (Phillip Jensen; open to public)
8:15Panel Discussion—Tony Payne, Phillip Jensen, Mark Dever


9:00Session 1—Gospel Growth day by day (Tony Payne)
10:30Session 2—The task, the tactics, the telos (Phillip Jensen)