Friday, April 30, 2010

Great quote from David Wells, "The Emperor's Lost Clothes"

In the past, Western Society was held together by three sinews: tradition, authority, and power. to change the image, these were the garments that covered Western society, and without them it had become indecent. Of these three, tradition might have been the first to do, although it went hand in hand with authority. Tradition is the process whereby one generation inducts its successor into its accumulated wisdom, lore, and values. The family once served as the chief conduit for this transmission, but the family is now collapsing, not merely because of divorce but as a result of affluence and the innovations of a technological age. In a video-saturated culture... film and television now provide the sorts of values that were once provided by the family, And public education, which used to be another conduit for such value, has also contracted out of this business, pleading that it has an obligation to be value-neutral. So it is that in the new civilization that is emerging children are lifted away from the older values like anchorless boats on a rising tide.
David Wells, No Place for Truth, 84.