Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ten Reasons to go and Pastor a church in Scotland

This makes extremely sad reading. The only encouraging thing about it is that it is posted on a blog run by a handful of pastors in Scotland with far more biblical priorities:
At a seminar at a recent Christian gathering the 50 people in attendance were asked what their top ten priorities would be for a minister in a Scottish church. The final list is below, I'm not sure if they are ranked by importance, but looking at the list I'm not sure that it makes much of a difference.

1. Leadership skills
2. Developing Abilities
3. Recognising Abilities
4. Knowledge of denominational principles
5. Good communicator
6. People focused
7. Knowledge of church structure
8. Practical work experience
9. Management skills
10. Active participant in the community

There are many churches looking for pastors in Scotland, and judging by the above, many of them don't have in mind 1 Tim 3 or Titus 1. For that matter they don't seem to have the gospel in mind either.
Gospel-focused pastors from the English speaking world should seriously consider pastoring in Scotland and helping faithful pastors like those from Resolve to transform the view of ministry over there.

HT: Colin Adams