Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rob Bell: discussion over. Love wins?

Strangely, one of the most read posts on this little read blog has been a little review I did of one of Rob Bell's little nooma vids. In the comments there I was accused of accusing Bell of not believing the good news that Jesus rescues us from the wrath of God by dying in our place upon the cross. If in 22 vids he never teaches that, I suggested that he probably doesn't believe it.
Well, there is sadly no need for speculation any longer.
From his own lips he describes that gospel, the gospel we so desperately need, as not good news at all.

LOVE WINS. from Rob Bell on Vimeo.

This is an advert for his new book "Love wins" that has not yet been released. But how does it win, if it doesn't deal with our greatest problem... making ourselves subjects of God's good and perfect judgement?

I guess he will tell us in the book; but I fear that it will not be such good news after all.

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