Friday, February 9, 2007

2007 SBTS Collegiate Conference. Live Blog 1

1. Road Trip from DC to Louisville

Well, Here I am at the Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Ky for the 2007 Give me an answer Collegiate Conference, “Does God care about Sex.”

I thought that since this the first conference I’m attending since I entered the blogosphere, I might attempt to live blog. Well, I’m writing this live, but I don’t have web access, so I shall probably upload a couple of posts at a time later this evening.

We (9 college students & 4 'leaders') left Capitol Hill Baptist Church this morning at 5:30am. It is an extraordinary drive. Hundreds of miles of mountains and trees. One understands why Americans seem less concerned about deforestation than us Europeans. It seems almost endless… After a great donut breakfast from the awesome Lorenzo's Bakery in Frostburg, and Cracker Barrel near Charlotesville, we eventually arrived in Louisville about 5:30pm. the Sun hadn't risen when we set off. It had before we arrived.
Long road trips are great for good conversations with students.

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