Thursday, February 8, 2007

Top Tips for College Students 4: Seek accountibility in a local church

The opportunities for evangelism and discipleship as a College student are amazing. As an undergraduate it could have been a full time job. It was those opportunities that first made me consider whether the Lord might have me make evangelism and discipleship a 'full time job'. But at the time I was also only 19, 20, 21. I was even younger and even less mature than I am now!

I was certainly not qualified to be an elder of a local church at that time. That is why it was a huge privilege to be well involved in a local church where I had people that I met with regularly to discuss challenges that I faced, and to help me when I got out of my depth. Pretty much throughout my time as an undergrad I met weekly with at least one more mature Christian. (At times I think it was at least 3!) I am so grateful to God for Orlando, Mark, Mark, Pete, and others for the patience they showed in helping me in the opportunities I was given to make a difference in the lives of other students.

Seek out godly older Christians (of the same gender). Don't get out of your depth. If you have positions of leadership on Campus, don't even dream of making any major decisions as to what you are going to do without humbly and prayerfully seeking the counsel of those who are wiser than you are. Even what you might think are minor decisions will be a great opportunity to gain wisdom.

You are not alone! Those who throw themselves into ministry on Campus are those who are most in need of the collective wisdom and accountability of a local church.

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