Saturday, February 3, 2007

Top Tips for College Students 3: love students from other churches

3) Love and encourage Christian students who attend other churches.
The kingdom of God & its expression on campus is far more important than the reputation of one individual church. So, you are sure that you attend the best church in the city! Great! The teaching and love you receive there will give you an opportunity to share the good things that the Lord is doing in your life with those who might attend what you consider to be a less healthy church, or no church at all. If you are receiving great teaching and deep fellowship, then you should have a reputation for humility. Sure, you will have compassion upon those who seem to be like sheep without a shepherd, but you will love and encourage your brothers and sisters on Campus, even if they do not share your opinion as to what would be the best church in the area to attend!

Partner for the gospel with other gospel believing students.

Having said this, love other students enough that, if they are not clearly involved in a gospel teaching church, encourage them to be so. Particularly, don't look to students who are not well plugged into a healthy church to have any kind of leadership responsibility on Campus. that is a recipe for disaster, not only for them (they will have a burden with no accountability) but also for the ministry on campus (a discipleship outside the context of the local church will be modelled to other less mature Christian students)

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