Saturday, February 10, 2007

General Session 3: Mohler

In the final talk of the weekend, Dr Mohler Outlined 8 principles of how Christians should / shouldn't address homosexuality in such a way as to speak clearly, biblically and graciously.

1) We can’t start a conversation about homosexual marriage by talking about homosexual marriage. We need to talk about a biblical view of what is good, beautiful & true.

2) We cannot talk about sex without talking about marriage.

3) We cannot talk about sex without talking about the bible.

4) We cannot talk about homosexuality as if it is the problem, rather than a symptom of a deeper problem of idolatry, which is a problem we ALL share.

5) We need to be ready to give significant support to those with ongoing struggles with homosexuality.

6) We need to be those who take out the power of the gospel as the only hope for sexual sinners. There is NO sexual sin that cannot be forgiven.

7) We must be the people who love homosexuals more than homosexuals love homosexuality. Sinners grow to love their sin. The only way that we ever got saved was that someone loved us more than we loved our sin.

8) We need to be the people who believe God’s truth about homosexuality. We can lose the battle on the law of the land – but we cannot compromise our witness.

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