Saturday, February 10, 2007

Elective Session 2: Parenting

How do you raise children in an age of confusion? …Mr. & Mrs. Clark Logan

It was great to have a talk on parenthood at a Collegiate conference. It would be a great idea for College students to have a clear idea of a biblical model of parenthood before they consider marrying someone. Mrs. Logan made the great suggestion of pointing out to the person you are dating marriages and parents within your church that you think are doing a great job. Great way to see if you are on the same page.

Other than that is was a talk along the lines of Shepherding a Child's Heart

It was a good gentle clear introduction to parenting.

Biblical foundations.

1) Nurture relationship with the Lord

2) Nurture relationship with spouse

  • The marriage is a family before there are children, and will be when they have left.
  • Security of parenthood comes from security of marriage.

3) Set biblical goals

  • Not behaviour, or politeness, but that children glorify God and enjoy him forever.

4) What’s your plan?

  • No Plan?
  • Follow my Parents’ plan
  • Do the opposite of my parents’ plan
  • Be a buddy?
  • Be authoritarian?


1) Build healthy relationships

  • Love them
  • Make memories
  • Maintain integrity
  • Create a family identity
  • Communicate “talking to your children when they are 3 & 4 will mean that they want to talk to you when they are 13 & 14”

2) Model a godly life

3) Teach appropriate behaviours

  • Affirming good behaviour especially where they struggle
  • Warning ahead of time what behaviour will be expected.

4) Weaken inappropriate behaviour.

  • Communication, correction, appeal to conscience all needed. This is because the heart is the issue, not merely behaviour.
Natural consequences to actions are sometimes enough. The child who breaks a toy when he has been told how to use it. A boastful child will find that they have few friends.

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