Sunday, February 11, 2007

CHBC Students Favorite quotes from The SBTS conference

I asked the students who attended the conference the most helpful quotes they'd heard. Here's some people's favourites...

"Flee from temptation: why keep it like a pet?" Dr Plummer

"Clothing proves our need for salvation. Lack of clothing shows a lack of need for salvation."
Dr Wise.

"Marriage happened before the fall. Marriage is a more primary relationship than that between father and child." Dr Mohler

"In the curse authority becomes domination, submission becomes usurpation. (Genesis 3) In redemption the created order is restored. (Ephesians 5)" Dr Wise.

"Home is not your castle - it is your cross where you learn daily to die to self and learn to serve you wife and children." Dr Beougher

"We need to love homosexuals more than homosexuals love homosexuality" Mohler

"In Glory it will be better than if sin had never happened and therefore redemption had never occured" Mohler.

"Our culture reduces sex merely to the act" Wellum

"Everything finds completion in the Son" Wellum

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Chase Abner said...

Thanks for this great blog. I found it through a comment over at Justin Taylor's post about Anyabwile's article (which you posted as well).

I was at the GMAA conference as well. I would submit this quote from Randy Stinson as an addition to your list:

"Forget about a dog. You don't even exercise dominion over a term paper."