Saturday, February 3, 2007

Top Tips for College Students 2: Practice hospitality

2) Practise hospitality with church members who are not students
I hope that whatever church you join will love you and give you free food. Students being invivted into family's homes & churchces putting on lunches for students are a great way to serve students.

But students are not commanded to receive hospitality. They are commanded to practice it. You have a huge opportunity as students to practice hospitality as well as to receive it. Even you are just cooking instant noodles, invite someone who isn't a student to come and join you from time to time. Don't hide your relationships with people in the congregation who are really different from you.

If you are a 19 year old African American Political Science Major, your friends might find it wierd that you have a great relationship with a 55 year old white bus driver, or with a 67 year old retired Asian, particularly if it is you the 19 year old is going out of your way to provide for them.

This wierdness will hugely help your evangelistic ministry: as people see the very unusual love that you have for people who are not even students, this will display the reality that you follow Jesus. John 13:34-35

Don't just meet up with Non-students. Invite them into your life. invite them into your friendships with those who don't know Jesus. Let your (plural) light shine before men.

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